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Public Formula Library


Predefined formulas from diverse business areas, well documented and correct.

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Online Formula Calculator


Use intuitive interface to define and store your personal formulas.

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Formula Exchange Platform


Share formulas with your colleagues and friends all within one application.

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at our Public Formula Libraries, make the use out of formulas from your application area and get inspired by the endless possibilities.


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    What is abaCal?

    abaCal, the unbeatable formula platform (USP’s) is our efficient tool


    The abaCal system works in many areas, such as in Physics – Chemistry – Engineering – Banking and Finance – Research – Development – Insurance – Administration – Consulting

    On the Formula sample page, you can see how a job is defined and how the results can look.

    Go to https://www.abacal.com

    There you can look in the formula library and let abaCal calculate.